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dated 14th October 2018

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Reaching Out 2018

Our Mission and Outreach activities have been themed since 2013 and for 2018 our theme is Reaching Out

God is always reaching out to everyone; to forgive us when we’ve been wrong or done wrong things, to help us live loving, peaceful, fulfilling lives; to share in our dreams; to support us in tough times; to bless us with talents and gifts; to prepare us for when we will meet God. God loves each one of us. God loves you. Individually.

Every Christian person who is following the teachings of Jesus Christ makes a commitment to spread the Gospel of the Good News as an everyday part of their journey as a believer in God. So it is no surprise that Christians are reaching out in their communities wanting to help others learn that they are each individually loved by God.

If you’re wondering if God is reaching out to you and if you’re ready to seek out a path towards responding to God, then please come to our Church where Christians are ready to help you respond to God.

You might ask “does this mean I have to come to a Church service to declare myself as someone who is looking for God?” That’s one way but not the only way.

Church services are when Christians gather to worship together, to pray together, to ask for forgiveness, to listen to Gods’ word, to learn more about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, to receive Gods’ blessing and support and to help one another in fellowship.

Christianity is all about reaching out to others, Christians and non-Christians, the same wherever they are. Whatever someones’ circumstances, whatever their beliefs, whatever their attitude, God is reaching out to everyone. Ready to forgive. Ready to love.

So, if you don’t want to go to a Church service as your first step to responding to God reaching out to you, you could instead come along to one of the Christian groups based in the Church, or come to one of the Mission & Outreach or other Church events that take place throughout the year or simply send an email to us and ask for someone from the Church to contact you.

Whenever someone reaches out to God, God will respond. Recognising the response from God can be what you need to know by learning about the Gospel and the Good News and the teachings of Jesus Christ and by prayer. Prayer is communication with God. Direct.

Whenever someone says a prayer of commitment to God then this is when they are responding directly to God who has been reaching out to them through Jesus Christ and the Christians, who have already responded to God, reaching out to others. Reaching out to you perhaps. Reaching out right now. As you’re reading these words God is reaching out to you. You’re invited to respond. Right now.

Previous Themes:
2013 Family : 2014 Friendship
2015 Challenge : 2016 New Beginnings
2017 Journeying with God


Welcome to the website of Matlock Methodist & United Reformed Church.  It is prayed that while you browse here you will be enriched wherever you are on your journey of faith.

The Church is located on the corner of the junction between Oak Road and Bank Road up the hill to the North of the town centre.  Our postcode is DE4 3FJ.  See Facilities & Location for more information.

Click on the links to the left to find the information you want. If you have any difficulty in navigating our web site, please contact us using our e-mail link below left to let us know.

Picture of the Church

Our fervent prayer is for our church to grow in faith and openness to God's spirit as well as in numbers and your being here today answers our prayers.

We are an ecumenical partnership of the Methodist and United Reformed denominations and seek to be a place:

  • Where everyone is welcome
  • Where the joy of the love of God shines out
  • From where the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ is spread
  • Where there is rest, refreshment and peace in a caring, praying community
  • Where Christian worship, prayer, Biblical teaching and service are paramount
  • Where the blessing of the Holy Spirit rests on everyone
and thereby follows the principles of the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.

Our Church is one of the Churches in the
Mid-Derbyshire Circuit.

May God bless you and keep you and let you know that whatever your circumstances YOU are loved as one of his children

To hire Church rooms please contact our Bookings Secretary on (01629) Matlock 57304 or to send us an e-mail please click here

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Our Church uses only Fair Trade products in accordance with our policy and in support of Matlock as a Fair Trade town. Click on the logo for more information about Fair Trade products.

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Rev. Helen Penfold

Rev Helen Penfold

Hello Everyone

Rev. Michaela Youngson, President of the Methodist Church shared the poem below at the Labour Party Conference recently: 

Prayer is a cry in the dark,

  a child’s longing for home,
  and a hollowed soul’s seeking of fulfilment.

Prayer is a two-fingered salute,

 to the hope-less cynicism of endless false promises
 and a bunting-waving celebration of love in action.

Prayer is a sacred space,

 found in the midst of the unholiest of battlegrounds

 and in the desolation of loss.

Prayer is a memory

 of long lost conversations with wise elders
 and an exuberance of youthful anticipation. 

Prayer is a shared longing,

 a whispered dream
 and an open conversation.

Prayer is a revolutionary act

 It is hope in despair
 And a grace-filled weaving of love’s intent. 

May God bless us with the desire to pray, that we might better act, for the sake of all. Amen.

I wonder if that reflects how you think about praying, perhaps it widens your definition of prayer or maybe you don’t like the challenges it suggests.

As I have met many of you and attended various meetings and events over the last month, I have been very aware that a priority for all of us must be to pray and to hear what God is saying to us as his people today.

If you feel inadequate (and who doesn’t?) then I do encourage you to book in “Teach us to pray”, being held at MMURC on 16-18 November to learn more and make the adventure of prayer your own.

I would urge you too, to meet together to pray.  Ask God to lead your prayers.  I am always encouraged by the apostle Paul who asked the Colossians to pray for him (Colossians 4: 2-4), that God would give him opportunities to witness to the good news of Jesus Christ, also that he would take up those opportunities and also that he would use them well!  I’m sure we all need those sorts of prayers too.

And why not come to share communion?  Midweek communions will be held at Holloway on the first Friday of the month at 11.30am and then again at MMURC on the third Wednesday of the month at 2.30-3pm, it would be great to see you at either or both or those and again, there will be space for us to pray for our churches and each other.

I look forward to all that God has in store for us and to meeting you as time goes on.  

With every blessing


If you are in any sort of difficulty and in need of prayer and support, please contact our Circuit Ministry Team either Rev. Helen Penfold (01773) Shirland 833242 or Rev. Dr. Robert Foster (01773) Belper 827450; or call into the Church and ask for help; or leave a message at the Church; or send an e-mail to us; or phone the Church Office on (01629) Matlock 55809 (answer-phone when office is closed)

inside the main hall


Everyone is welcome to share with us in our worship services at the following times

Sundays other than first of the month
Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. approx. followed by refreshments

First Sunday of the Month
9:30 a.m. Holy Communion service followed by Refreshments at 10:15 a.m. and Family Service at 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. approx.

Third Sunday of the Month
Café Style Celebration 7:00 p.m.

Third Wednesday of each month
Holy Communion service
2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. approx.

Our services are led by both ordained Ministers and non-ordained worship leaders, called Lay Preachers and thereby we enjoy a variety of styles of worship that all bring glory to God and seek to strengthen our love of our Lord Jesus.

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