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  Finding God in a crisis - click here
Our prayers include everyone affected by and dealing with the Corona Virus (COVID-19).
May the power of God and the peace of the Holy Spirit and the love of our Lord Jesus be with each one of you. Amen.

Happy New Year wishes to everyone, especially those who are alone, those who are missing loved ones, the key workers in the NHS & other services and with prayers for you all to know that Jesus was sent for you, with the love of God.
Church services at the Church are once again suspended.
Whilst Tier 4 guidance allows Church worship to continue, it is thought better to
reduce the risks of any infection transfer.  Worship services will only be available live online during January 2021.
  Next week's service will start @10:30am.  Please arrive online from 10:15am.
Worship on Sunday 31st January will be led by Rev. Sheila Baldock 
Please DO NOT attend the Church in person.
We have a social website where you can keep in touch with the Church community - please click on the link and come and say hello
God bless you and keep you safe.

dated 24th January 2021

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Our Mission and Outreach activities have been themed since 2013 and for 2020 our theme is

Hope 2020

We will be using the resources from Hope Together throughout 2020 to compliment the activities of the many groups within the Church and seeking to equip everyone with the skills and confidence to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  If you've been hiding from God and looking to find support elsewhere, then Hope 2020 is good news for you to open a door & discover all the help you need.

Hope Together is a catalyst bringing churches together to transform communities in villages, towns and cities. Our vision is a praying, growing Church, that makes Jesus known together with words and action.

 Vision: A few simple principles sum up HOPE Together’s ethos:

  • demonstrating God’s love as local churches work together, meeting needs in our communities continuing to love and serve people whatever they choose to believe
  • inviting people to become followers of Jesus by sharing the gospel with words in culturally relevant ways
  • giving people opportunities to respond to the gospel, then connecting people who do respond into church life

Prayer: HOPE Together is rooted and grounded in prayer. Prayer partners pray daily using a prayer calendar, which you can download here. We are so grateful for all the individuals and churches who are committed to praying with HOPE for our nation. We work in partnership with the World Prayer Centre, the Festival of LifeThy Kingdom Come, the 24-7 prayer movement, Neighbourhood Prayer Network; and others, asking for God’s strength and power as we reach out to our nation together in word and action. Use HOPE’s prayer resources to inspire prayer with us as we share the hope Jesus gives – together in word and action.

Action: HOPE Together inspires churches to show God's love to their communities with no sense of return, just unconditional love. There are hundreds of different creative ways churches show God's love to the people in their neighbourhoods: street parties, foodbanks, chaplaincies, night shelters, parent & toddler groups, clubs for senior citizens, furniture recycling projects... the list is endless as churches work with schools, community groups, local authorities and local police forces to make life better for local people.

Words: HOPE also empowers Christians to 'give a reason for the hope we have’. Conversations with Christians are one of the most important influences in bringing people to faith. The Talking Jesus course includes six encouraging, video-based sessions with short films, inspirational, short testimonies, real-life examples from people who are talking Jesus, and a short, easy-to-follow course book. The course is designed to inspire Christians to share their faith and gives practical suggestions to help this to be both natural and relevant as they talk about Jesus with the people they meet.

Previous Themes:
2013 Family : 2014 Friendship
2015 Challenge : 2016 New Beginnings
2017 Journeying with God : 2018 Reaching Out : 2019 Reflections


Welcome to the website of Matlock Methodist & United Reformed Church.  It is prayed that while you browse here you will be enriched wherever you are on your journey of faith.

The Church is located on the corner of the junction between Oak Road and Bank Road up the hill to the North of the town centre.  Our postcode is DE4 3FJ.  See Facilities & Location for more information.

Click on the links to the left to find the information you want. If you have any difficulty in navigating our web site, please contact us using our e-mail link below left to let us know.


Our fervent prayer is for our church to grow in faith and openness to God's spirit as well as in numbers and your being here today answers our prayers.

We are an ecumenical partnership of the Methodist and United Reformed denominations and seek to be a place:

  • Where everyone is welcome
  • Where the joy of the love of God shines out
  • From where the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ is spread
  • Where there is rest, refreshment and peace in a caring, praying community
  • Where Christian worship, prayer, Biblical teaching and service are paramount
  • Where the blessing of the Holy Spirit rests on everyone
and thereby follows the principles of the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.

Our Church is one of the Churches in the
Mid-Derbyshire Circuit.

May God bless you and keep you and let you know that whatever your circumstances YOU are loved as one of his children

To hire the Community Halls or the Church rooms please contact our Bookings Secretary on (01629) Matlock 57304 or to send us an e-mail please click here

There is current availability for Community Hall hire during the daytime on Monday's, Fridays and Saturday's as well as
Wednesday & Thursday afternoons and Tuesday, Friday & Sunday evenings.  Community Groups and private hires are welcome.  Terms & Conditions apply.

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Our Church uses Fair Trade products in accordance with our policy and in support of Matlock as a Fair Trade town. Click on the logo for more information about Fair Trade products.


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Message from our Treasurer, Sue Sunderland

For each of us, our personal giving to our church is an expression of our discipleship and this income is vital to the church locally and nationally to fund the work that we do together in Christ's name.

Even though we are currently not able to meet together as a congregation many of the financial needs of the church continue. We also recognise that some individuals and families will suffer serious financial hardship as a consequence of this crisis and we would not wish anyone to feel obliged to continue giving at this time.

There may of course be others who would wish to continue or even increase their regular giving during this crisis period and we would like to enable you to do this. To that end if you are able to set up a standing order or bank transfer then please  email or ring Sue Sunderland (01629) Matlock 584841 who will provide you with the bank details.

Thank you. God bless you.

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Prayer is like God's refresh, if you never pray, you may never hear God's message for you.

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Rev. Helen Penfold

Rev Helen Penfold

Sunday 24th January Worship Service @10:30am

This weeks service was led by local preacher Zania van Schalkwyk.  As noted above, the service was online, as at this time the Church has suspended use of the building for the month of January. A video of the service is available here.  The service notes are available here for sharing. Also the service Helen provided this week is available here. If you are able to print off and share with others who are not online, please do so.

Next week's service will be led by Rev. Sheila Baldock.

The joining instructions for weekly services are available to download here.  Please join the service from 10:15am.  Everyone is welcome to come and it is possible to call into the service using an ordinary telephone - details are provided on the joining instructions.  The service will be part recorded and made available to watch on line later on the Sunday.

Sunday 17th January Worship Service @10:30am

This weeks service was led by Rev. Colin Smith.  As noted above, the service was online, as at this time the Church has suspended use of the building for the month of January. A video of the service is available here.  The order of service is available here and the sermon notes are available here for sharing. Also the service Helen will be preaching this week is available here. If you are able to print off and share with others who are not online, please do so.

A message from Helen:

Dear All

Happy new year!  I hope that 2021 will be a year of faith, hope and love for us all.  A time when we can soon meet together face to face without fear of infection. A time when we can celebrate together and look forward to the things that we have so missed doing, like meeting with friends for coffee, like going where we like without the need for a mask, like a holiday!

For now however, I am sure you will have grieved like I did, when Derbyshire was put into tier 4 and we were given the ‘stay at home’ recommendation.  Of course places of worship can remain open but we have been asked by our Methodist District and Rev. Robert Foster, our Superintendent, to close our buildings for face to face worship for January.  This will enable us to keep safe and warm at home (I hope) and will reduce the risk of any possible infection.

This is a request not an order from our circuit, but most of the churches had already decided in any case to close for January before we were moved into tier 4.  I am sure that you, like me, have been shocked and saddened to see the number of infections and deaths rise so steeply in recent days.  I very much hope that we will all keep safe and well during these troubling times.

As before, we will use zoom each Sunday morning to connect with each other and scripts will be provided via email, for your use and so that those faithful people who have been printing and taking them round to those who are not on email, can continue to do so.

God bless you all

Rev. Helen Penfold

If you are in any sort of difficulty and in need of prayer and support, please contact our Circuit Ministry Team either Rev. Helen Penfold (01773) Shirland 833242 or Rev. Dr. Robert Foster (01773) Belper 827450; or call into the Church and ask for help; or leave a message at the Church; or send an e-mail to us; or phone the Church Office on (01629) Matlock 55809 (answer-phone when office is closed)


Everyone is welcome to share with us in our worship services at the following times:

inside the main hall

Sunday morning worship services are continuing online. ALL SERVICES AT THE CHURCH ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED. These will resume as soon as possible. 

Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. approx. followed by refreshments

Third Sunday of the Month
Café Style Celebration 7:00 p.m.

Third Wednesday of each month
'Fly Tip' Holy Communion service
2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. approx.

(These Fly Tip communions are held in people's homes).

Our services are led by both ordained Ministers and non-ordained worship leaders, called Lay Preachers and thereby we enjoy a variety of styles of worship that all bring glory to God and seek to strengthen our love of our Lord Jesus.