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Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals or Thanksgiving services are very individual occasions for those involved and allow the Church to be used for these occasions as a service both to the Church family and to the wider community.

When you want to have a service for you or someone you love, whether it is a baptism, wedding, funeral or thanksgiving then there can be a number of reasons for selecting a Church in which to arrange your event.

We pray that for everyone the main reason is that they have faith in God and love the Lord Jesus and want to have His blessing on their event and for it to be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Practical information on the facilities that the Church is blessed with can be found in our section on 'Facilities & Location' .

The Church is well decorated throughout with plain colours that do not restrict your colour theme for your event and the Church is well kept such that it provides a suitable setting for everyone.

With ceiling mounted air circulation fans, central heating and triple glazing the Church is a warm and welcoming environment in summer or winter and the Church benefits from plentiful natural light as well as comprehensive artificial lighting.

The benefits of the full accessibility to both floors including a passenger lift between the main levels mean that everyone can get around the building easily from pushchairs to wheelchairs.

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Baptism (or entry into the Church)

The font

Baptism services are held normally during Sunday morning Worship Services and are integrated into them to make the whole service a celebration for the family whose children are being baptized and for their friends as well as for the congregation to welcome a new life to Christian upbringing.

When a family wishes to have a baptism service for one or more of their family, then as well as selecting the date for the service and making plans for the celebration, our Minister will discuss the baptism service and the meaning of baptism with the parents and family.

Discussions and teaching can also extend to the families chosen witnesses for the baptism, otherwise known as the God Parents for those being baptised.

Cross, candle & flowers

Our Church has a Cradle Roll Secretary who is responsible for the inclusion of the baptism on the Church Cradle Roll - a list of those baptised in our Church - and for providing a small gift and certificate to the ones being baptised.

The secretary or a Church representative will be available to take part in the service, normally by reading passages from the Bible and introducing the Congregation to the one baptised by walking a circuit among them after the baptism part of the service.

Adult baptism can also be arranged and this should first be discussed with our Minister.

For further information on Baptism services please contact us or the Church Office on Matlock 55809.

Blessings & Other

We would also be pleased to discuss arrangements for renewals of vows or other special blessings ceremonies within the Christian faith.

These blessings can sometimes be arranged to occur within the regular worship services or it may be possible to make special arrangements to coincide with an anniversary or other special date.

If you want to discuss any aspect of a special occasion ceremony then for further information please contact us or the Church Office on Matlock 55809.

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Blessings & Other


Wedding services can be held at almost any time of the week other than when other services are being held or the premises are in use for other pre-booked events.

The wedding service format and content is discussed between the Minister and the couple and their family to ensure that both the legal requirements of the marriage ceremony and the wishes of the couple are integrated appropriately.
Flowers in glass vase

The premises can be used for marriages with ordained celebrants other than our own Minister, by prior agreement; The Methodist & United Reformed Churches can both allow for marriage of those who have been previously married and our Minister should be consulted if this is your circumstance. Methodist Church website also contains information

A few further practical observations: -

Catering: The Church lower halls can be used for economical, self-catering refreshments and meals by prior arrangement further details on the facilities are available here;

Flowers: The special dressing of the Church with flowers and ribbons etc. for the wedding is encouraged and flower arrangement stands and vases are freely available for use.

Photography: Filming and still photography is welcomed in our Church provided that it does not interfere with the service or become intrusive. It is best to discuss the arrangements for video and photography prior to the service in consultation with the Minister.

Sound: The sound system in the Church can be used to play pre-recorded tape or CD, musical or other items as a part of the service. In addition, the sound system has a number of specialist microphones for use by instrument soloists, singers, choir, musical group or band to complement the service.

Recording:The sound system can also be used to record the proceedings if requested in advance, although recording of copyrighted musical items is not permitted. Only one copy of the service can be provided.

Confetti: The use of biodegradable confetti only, is allowed outside the Church.

For further information on Wedding Services please contact us or the Church Office on Matlock 55809.

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Funerals & Thanksgiving

At these most difficult of times when a relative or friend has passed away, our Minister is always willing to provide support and comfort to family and friends.

The experience of a Minister and Church in contributing towards the smooth occasion of these important services can be most welcome to those who are mourning.

Image of LHS oval

The Church has excellent communications with all of the local funeral directors and this allows them to provide a comprehensive service to the bereaved in their time of need.

For further information on Funerals & Thanksgivings please contact us or the Church Office on Matlock 55809.

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