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Oak Road

Tel: 01629 55809 (answerphone)

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Location Map

Map of Church location

The main entrance to the Church is on Oak Road, on the upper side of the Church building.  The Community Halls that are on the lower level of the Church can be accessed directly by an entrance on the lower side of the Church building (through the parking area).  Internal stairs and a lift connect the upper and lower floors.  Both entrances have free-of-steps access.


The Church Worship Room is on the upper level of the Church building and has a seating capacity of 250.  The seating is on individual padded chairs and these can be arranged to suit various styles of use.  There are three Community Halls beneath the Church Worship Room.  Hall 1 has capacity for 250 people and Halls 2 & 3 individually can accommodate up to 40 people each.  Halls 2 & 3are separated by a glazed, sliding partition which allows them to be combined to accommodate up to 80 people.  Seating downstairs is on a combination of padded and non-padded stackable chairs.  Folding tables are also available.


The Church has a very limited car parking area which is most often used by young families and those who are less mobile.  If you park here, please ensure to leave a suitable passageway for pushchairs and wheelchairs.  Mainly, weekday car parking is on streets around the Church which are subject to certain daytime restrictions on the duration of stay. Vehicles are parked at the vehicle owner's risk.

When you park to come to the Church please ensure you have read and understood the parking restrictions for where your car is parked. Please be sensitive to our neighbours when parking your car so as not to obstruct driveways or entrances.  Always ensure emergency vehicles can access all streets easily.

The list starts closest to Church:

The Church's own car park can normally accommodate up to five cars, when parked appropriately. Vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.

Oak Road adjacent to the Church - the no waiting restrictions (single yellow line) apply between 8am and 7pm

Bank Road - bay restrictions above Oak Road apply between 9am and 5pm

Ernest Bailey Centre on New Street is available for use outside office hours. Capacity for 14 cars + 3 mobility bays.

Bank Road - bay restrictions below the Catholic Church apply between 8am and 7pm.

Bank Gardens, a small estate located opposite the Bank Road end of Oak Road, is private parking for residents only. The opposite end of Oak Road, beyond New Street, is also private parking for residents only.

Nearby Car Parks

The walk up to and down from the Church for these car parks means you have to cross the road where there isn't a controlled crossing, please take special care as the vehicles can go down, as well as come up, very quickly.

Bank Road Pay & Display car park - 23 vehicle spaces & 3 mobility spaces adjacent to the Town Hall (down hill from the Church) charges apply 24 hours a day.  Note that there are also spaces here which are for permit holders only.

Between 8am & 6pm the rates are:
Up to 1 hour £1.50
1 to 2 hours £2.50
2 to 3 hours £3.80
3 to 4 hours £5.00
over 4 hours £6.00

Between 6pm and 8am the flat rate charge is £1.00

County Offices car park - (up hill from the Church) this has more than 100 spaces and appears to be available free for public use outside office hours but we could not find signage that informed about this.

The Church has FREE wifi available.

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As part of our service to the community parts or all of the building can be hired out for both Christian and appropriate secular activities. The lower level of the building can be referred to as the Community Halls

Please contact our bookings secretary on Matlock 57304 or to send us an e-mail please click here

The information below is provided for those who might be considering hiring parts of the Church or Community Halls for functions and events.

The Church can provide basic visual display equipment including screens (Video replay, overhead projector, slide projector, flipchart) and now also has computer display equipment used within some services. Regrettably this is not available for hire. We also have black & white photocopying facilities on site.

The Church has been modernized and has a number of community halls and meeting rooms all with full access, central heating and there is a large, fully equipped kitchen. The Church being situated on the hillside of Matlock Bank has ground level access to both the upper and lower levels making wheelchair and mobility impaired access very straightforward. These features allow the church to be a popular and busy venue all week for a wide variety of activities.

The Church does not allow alcohol to be brought onto or consumed on the premises and the whole of the premises are a no smoking environment. We would ask that all those using the premises respect these policies.

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The Crush Hall - the lobby to the Worship Centre

The Lift

A part of the extension that provides an informal area adjacent to the Worship Centre with access to the hydraulic lift and stairs to provide access to the lower level Kitchen & Community Halls. Serviced through a doored hatch to a refreshments preparation room and Church office for the serving of drinks after services and events.

The Crush Hall also provides access to the upper level toilets both Ladies and Gents and a single toilet for the disabled as well as two other small office/rooms one that is equipped as a Crèche and the second that is a small meeting room and is used as a Vestry for Preachers, Ministers and Stewards.

Picture of Spiral Staircase

A spiral metal staircase provides access to storage areas and a small informal meeting area that are at a mezzanine level within the high ceilinged Crush Hall.

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Community Halls - meeting and activity rooms of a variety of sizes

The Worship Centre and the Crush Hall are located above two practically sized community halls, one of which has a glazed sliding partition wall to sub-divide the area into Halls 2 & 3. Hall 1 has a slightly smaller area than the Worship Centre but with a high ceiling provides a truly multi-functional area used for a wide variety of purposes including on occasion a dormitory for weekend visiting youth groups.  The supporting columns have removable padding on them to provide protection for physical games to be played.  There are folding chairs and tables available for seating up to 120 people.  The capacity of the Hall is up to 180 people seated.

Hall 1 also provides access through to three storage areas and to toilets and a small single shower room. The Hall has a large, doored, serving hatch through to the large kitchen that is described below. With a suspended high ceiling and fluorescent lighting the hall can be used for a variety of sports and leisure activities and is a true Church Hall through that.

Meeting Room

Halls 2 & 3 has the lift access to the upper level and the stairs enter into Hall 3. A small store area and the main lower level toilets, including a single toilet for the disabled that also has a baby changing facility installed. A small, doored, serving hatch through to the large kitchen is also within Hall 3.  Halls 2 & 3 can accommodate up to 20 people each sat at tables and up to 30 each seated.

Halls 2 & 3 can be separated by a sliding glass partition door and whilst the partition is not sound proof, it is possible for some activities to continue in both rooms at the same time with minimal disturbance between the rooms.  Stackable padded chairs are available as are folding tables and there are also chairs and folding tables available for children.

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The Crush Hall
Community Halls
Kitchen Facilities
The Worship Centre
Our Surroundings

Worship Room

The Church Worship Centre - a venue for worship and performance

When the Church was modernised, extended and literally 'turned around' in a £500,000 project completed in 1997 the Worship Centre was transformed by being equipped with individual, comfortable chairs that allow us to utilise different seating layouts very simply.

In 2002 a new sound system was installed providing us with the flexibility of a 16 channel mixing desk and excellent sound quality. The lighting installation uses highly economical lamps that provide good lighting.

These three factors combined with an efficient controlled gas central heating system, mean that the Worship Centre not only provides the community with a comfortable, modern environment for worship but also the Church is regularly a venue for concerts, performances and meetings that brings people into this House of God to Worship in many different ways.

Our facilities also now include a remotely controlled, drop-down, electric projection screen.

    List of Facilities:

  • Sophisticated 16 channel sound system, including tape and CD drives, that can pipe sound around the whole of the building including the Crush Hall, crèche, Halls 1,2 & 3
  • Hearing aid loop installed (included in all rooms served with sound)
  • Centrally heated, triple glazed*, well-lit
  • Comfortable, individual chairs for an infinite variety of seating layouts
  • Full size electronic pipe organ with two keyboards, pedal board and range of stops
  • Electronic piano keyboard with limited selection of voices
  • Elevated, carpeted stage area and pulpit
  • Electric, remote controlled 2.4m x 2.4m (8ft x 8ft) projection screen

*All of the stained glass windows were carefully removed, double glazed, retaining the original stained glass 'captured' between the new panes and reinstated to the building.

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Image of stained glass windows

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

A large, recently refurbished, kitchen that can cater for up to 100 covers The kitchen was extended into two rooms with the development project and now boasts modern catering facilities including:-

  • a large eight burner commercial cooker
  • integrated commercial extractor hood
  • preparation island
  • two microwaves
  • upright freezer
  • large larder fridge
  • industrial washing machine
  • five sinks
  • two mains served water boilers for hot drinks
  • large preparation stainless steel side areas
  • cupboards and drawers

The kitchen is fully complimented with crockery, cutlery, beakers, cups and mugs for up to 100 covers.

Dishwasher and two of the five sinks

Upright larder fridge and freezer

Commercial eight ring cooker

Our Surroundings

This is just a little bit about Matlock, The Peak District and Derbyshire in England. We are blessed by God through being in a location of true natural beauty and with prosperity that we seek to use wisely.

Our town is small but dynamic, our blessings abound and we thank God for our privileges and are happy to share them with you. Please visit our area in person and come to our Church to pray with us and join us in our prayers of thanksgiving.

Our Church is located in the country town of Matlock, Derbyshire on one of the hills to the North of the town centre in an area which is also known as Matlock Bank. Matlock is positioned in the heart of Derbyshire 20 miles from Derby, 150 miles from London and in the area of England known as the East Midlands.

The geography of the area can be described as comprising modest rolling hills and winding valleys with farmed land almost into the town itself. Wooded and pastured lands, tumbling streams and the elegant River Derwent combine to make a beautiful mix of landscapes. With the geology of limestones and sandstones, mineral veins and outcrops we have cliffs and abandoned quarries, hand dug mines and a variety of landforms around us.

Matlock is the seat of local government for Derbyshire with the County Council Offices comprising the largest local employer who is putting to good use the impressive Victorian buildings that were constructed by John Smedley to cater for those that came here in years gone by to 'take of the Matlock natural spring waters'.

Local attractions of steam railways that run along the Derwent Valley from Matlock to nearby Rowsley, Gullivers' Kingdom children's adventure lands at Matlock Bath, as well as the Heights of Abraham caves and cable cars and the Crich Tramway Village that have drawn millions to visit the area over the decades, have all been overseen by an imposing Riber Castle, that may soon be re-invigorated to once more be residential.

We are surrounded by fascinating and awe-inspiring places including the Derwent Valley Mills world heritage site, the Lumsdale Valley industrial heritage site and fabulous country homes including Chatsworth & Haddon Hall.

There are fascinating websites with lots more information on things to see and do, places to go, local history and all about our wonderful surroundings. Please take time to thank God for rich blessings.

For further information on the local area please see our Links & Contacts page

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