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The Methodist Church

The United Reformed Church

 picture of the inside of the church

Matlock Methodist & United Reformed Church, also known within the community as Bank Road Church, is a wonderful building with access for all and modern facilities and is located on the hillside above Matlock Town centre in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

As well as the worship services each week, the Church has a wide variety of groups and activities that meet and provide fellowship and fun for all ages including community groups that regularly use the premises.

This Church is constantly looking to ways of working in the community and reaching out to those in need both locally and further a field with more than just donations. We have committed to supporting Fairtrade products and the Make Poverty History campaign.

Everyone is welcome to come to this Church and it is prayed that they will find rest, refreshment and peace in a caring, praying community and our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Church Mission Statement

Matlock Methodist and United Reformed Church seeks to be a place:

  • Where everyone is welcome
  • Where the joy of the love of God shines out
  • From where the Good News of the saving grace of Jesus Christ is spread
  • Where there is rest, refreshment and peace in a caring, praying community
  • Where Christian worship, prayer, Biblical teaching and service are paramount
  • Where the blessing of the Holy Spirit rests on everyone
  • and thereby follows the principles of the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.

    September 2002

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    Church Membership

    The Church has a membership that has been between 100 and 150 in number in recent years. We are always pleased to welcome new Members and to have the opportunity to encourage non-Members to consider membership. Membership is transferable between Churches so when Church Members move to and from an area they can transfer their membership to their local Church if they wish so that they can fulfil their obligations as Church Members.

    Membership of the Methodist or United Reformed Church is not a requirement of attending worship services or any of the regular meetings or activities held in the Church premises. Church Membership is for when an individual has reached a decision in their faith life that means they are prepared to commit themselves to following Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

    Image of Candle & Bible

    As a Member of the Methodist Church you are called to: -
    • Worship within the local church, including regular sharing in Holy Communion, and through personal prayer
    • Learning and caring, through bible study and meeting for fellowship, so that you may grow in faith and support others in their discipleship
    • Service, by being a good neighbour in the community, challenging injustice and using your resources to support the Church in its mission in the world.
    • Evangelism, through working out your faith in daily life and sharing Christ with others.

    Church Membership preparation classes are held for Christians of all ages and the Church provides the ongoing support and infrastructure for Church Members to fulfil their commitment to the Church and to Jesus Christ our Lord.

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    Church Mission Statement
    Church Membership
    Worship Services
    Music In Worship
    Church Structure

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    Worship Services

    The regular worship services held in our Church are open to anyone to come to, whether Christian or non-Christian. We would ask that when you do come, you respect the setting for those who are worshipping.

    Image of Wine

    All Church Services are suspended for the foreseeable future in line with UK Government and Health Department guidance.

    Sundays other than first of the month
    Morning Worship 10:30 am followed by Coffee & Tea

    First Sunday of the Month
    Morning Communion 9:30 am followed by Refreshments at 10:15 and Family Service at 10:45 am to 11:30 am approx.

    Third Sunday of the Month
    Café Style Celebration 7:00 pm

    Third Wednesday of each month
    Holy Communion service 2:30pm

    Last Sunday of alternate months
    Worship Fusion 4:00 pm

    Our services are led by ordained Ministers or non-ordained Lay Preachers and worship leaders which means we enjoy a variety of styles of worship that all bring glory to God and seek to strengthen our love of our Lord Jesus.

    Our Sunday Morning Worship Services regularly have around 50 people attending and other services enjoy a range of attendances with the Worship Room capable of accommodating over 200 people.

    We enjoy the sound of children and if you do have youngsters with you, they are welcome too. There are resources available at the rear of the Worship Room to allow children to be creative during the services.

    For those who would prefer to retire to our crèche with their youngster, the sound system in the Church relays into the crèche so that you may still hear the service.

    Café Style Celebrations combine worship and fellowship following an evening service style and with light refreshments.

    Worship Fusion provides the opportunity for contemporary worship, led by trained Worship Leaders, delivering a relaxed style of praise and fellowship suitable for everyone to explore their faith and also includes light refreshments.

    The Church, being an ecumenical partnership of Methodist and United Reformed Churches enjoys the benefit of having ordained Preachers and non-ordained Lay Preachers from both denominations to lead our services.

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    Music In Worship

    We use Hymns & Psalms, The Source and Singing the Faith hymn books, together with occasional songs from other publications or sources. Our Bible is the Good News Bible and again occasionally other translations and versions are utilised.

    Within the Church chairs there are copies of each of the hymn books and bibles and other service books are provided as required. We also have large print versions of the books for those who may need them. It is asked that all of these resources are respected.

    Within our Sunday Morning Worship Services we enjoy the benefit of a mixed group of musicians who join together with the keyboard and organ in providing our music for the service. Our singing is also led by a choir who occasionally perform anthems or other musical items during the service.

    Our Sunday Evening Worship Services largely have the organ or keyboard to provide our music and only on special occasions are other instruments playing. The Sunday Evening services are often calming and reflective services of worship and prayer.

    Our sound system has a CD deck and tape player which allows us to enjoy a wide variety of musical accompaniment or reflective music during services and events.

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    Local Church Structure

    Our Church is a Local Ecumenical Partnership between the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church and we are a part of the Mid- Derbyshire Circuit of the Methodist Church within the Nottingham & Derby District as well as being a part of the United Reformed Church, East Midlands Synod.

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